Getting free xbox live codes

07/05/2012 02:08

The free xbox live codes are required by people who are using Xbox 360 gaming console. The xbox live codes are generally required to avail new games for the console, new avatars, new add-ons for the games and last but not the least to continue with the Xbox Live membership. The main point of concern is that it involves a lot of money until and unless free xbox live codes are availed. These live codes can be made available free for duration like three months, one month and even one year. Some of the vital pre-requisites for availing free live codes are a valid email address, smooth internet connection and a decent time period of one to two hours.  Also, if you don’t find it worth to pay then you can get free xbox live gold trial subscriptions for free.

The first basic step is to register with the site called Points2shop. This site enables to have free Xbox live codes in return for the points that are earned on this site. The registration can be completed within seconds by giving the preferred username, valid email id and password. After successful completion of these requirements, the users can sign in by simple click. The next stage is to obtain points by means of inviting friends, playing games against other users, filling up short surveys etc.

After accumulating significant points, the users can avail options of buying free Xbox live codes. For example, earning of 2000 points may take 20 minutes to one hour depending upon the internet connectivity along with personal capability. Among all the methods most of the users opt for surveys, as it is the quickest and also the most reliable one for earning points in a short time span. The last step is that of the redemption of the free Xbox live codes. After availing the required numbers of points, the users need to click on the option “Spend Points” to search for “xbox live” and then can select codes of personal choice. Another way is that a user can download free xbox live code generator.

Points2shop also offers the users to decide whether the code can be sent by mail. This apart, it can also be sent in the form of a card. Thus it can be seen that the availability of free xbox live codes has literally popularized the different gaming patterns for the game lovers.

The free xbox live codes are truly instrumental in attracting people from all over the world particularly the young generation. By availing the free codes they can enjoy their personalized gaming without any burden of additional expenditure.